The Speaker



“Working Together: Harnessing Energy to Make an Immediate Impact”
This number one requested keynote focuses on the importance of building relationships within the organization. Humor and very poignant stories make this keynote interesting and entertaining. This will be a keynote that will be remembered and discussed for a long time after the session

“Perceptions – Don’t Get Caught in the Trap”
A person’s perception is their reality! Perspective is everything. Some things in life may surprise you – your perception may be way off. Stories will be shared that touch your heart, make you laugh and make you cry.

“A Cup of Christmas Tea”
This keynote takes a close look at traditions and what is really important at Christmas time. The speech is based on the book, “A Cup of Christmas Tea” by Tom Hegg. It is amazing how an organization can be transformed by getting to know each other better.

“No Rest in Greatness”
Organizations that are GREAT can’t live in the past. This keynote takes a look at what made them great and what it will take to continue. Learn from others who have succeeded at maintaining greatness. Strengthening the team and working more cohesively is an important part of this talk.