The Coach

Mark is a dynamic and engaging leader and can come work with your team to help you grow together and build relationships that will solidify your mission and vision (and you’ll have a whole lot of fun in the process!)

Mark has a collection of fun and successful workshops…or he can work with your specific needs and come up with a custom experience just for your school. Contact Mark for additional information.


“Common T-Shirts Don’t Make a Team” 
A conscious effort to building the organization’s team pays huge dividends. If you can build a strong team, your organization will be more cohesive, creative, and collaborative. Research on team building is reviewed. This workshop can be easily adapted to schools and organizations. Fun, interactive activities that show the impact of negativity, poor communication, and the importance of a sense of humor are a few of the topics covered in this workshop. In today’s organizations, IT TAKES A TEAM! This workshop will help get everyone rolling in the same direction. This is our most popular, and highly sought after workshop.

“Success – It Takes Teamwork” 
Many of the same activities used in “Common T-Shirts Don’t Make a Team” are covered in this workshop. In addition to the interactive activities, monthly team building activities will be demonstrated. The team that plays together grows together. Learn how to embrace and empower your team. Your organization will never be the same. This is another popular workshop – participants continue to come back for more.

“As Often as You Have Done it to the Least of These . . .” 
This workshop focuses on some of the most important people in your organization – the custodians, cafeteria workers and bus drivers. Many times these important people are often forgotten and left out of in-service sessions. This workshop offers ideas and strategies to make them feel important and valued members of the school team. Or, host the workshop just for them to help them realize how important these key players are to your organization.

“Appreciating Your Front Office Team” 
This workshop takes a look at the importance of an effective, customer friendly front office team. The workshop helps these key players realize that the front office is where the school climate begins and first impressions are made. Activities are incorporated that will strengthen this team and help them feel appreciated and valued. Think WIN-WIN and have fun doing it!

“Communication – It Can Make or Break an Organization” 
This workshop takes a look at the importance all types of communication are to the organization. Verbal, non-verbal, written (notes, email, text, etc), and telephone calls are discussed. Fun, interactive activities make this workshop a hit. Participants will examine their own communication style and learn strategies to enhance their skills so they can enlarge and enrich the organization.

“Bullying – Strategies for Coping with this Organization Killer” 
Students will understand the importance of respect, acceptance and taking care of each other. The presenter’s book, “Prince Buddy of Lakeside” will be used to teach the session. Bullying is a hot topic all across the country. This workshop delineates the problem of bullying, examines the myths and causes, and offers practical solutions on what to do about bullies.

“Bullying – Working with the Faculty to Establish a Bully Free Environment” 
This workshop forces the faculty to take a close look at what is going on at their school. YouTube clips and personal stories make discussing this tough topic more enjoyable. Bringing the bullying problem closer to home, talking about what is being done on the campus to prevent bullying, and what more can be done to help the problem makes this workshop extremely useful.